6 in 1 Travel Organizer Bag

  • Size: Large Cube14.6"L x10.6"W x4.7"H,
  • Medium Cube 12.2"L x8.7"W x4.7"H,
  • Small Cube7.9"L x5.9"W x4.7"H,
  • Large Pouch 13.4"L x9.4"W,
  • Medium Pouch 10.6"L x7.5"W,
  • Small Pouch 6.7"L x5.11"W

Pouch, you can easily categorize your things from shoes, clothes, toiletries, and underwear to towels,jackets and jeans. Find your things easier and only get what you need from your luggage.No more messy luggage and digging around when you travel! You can also use the pouches to separate dirty laundry from unused clothes.
Note: "Secret Pouch" or "Laundry Pouch" label depending on availability.
Approximate sizes of the pouches from largest to smallest (in inches):