///Sports Bottle Cap

Sports Bottle Cap


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  • Bottle cap with push botton
  • 6mm bottle cap
  • Daiso Japan

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The screw on bottle cap fits on most 350 to 500ml PET (plastic) bottles.

1. Insert a flexible straw into the base of the bottle cap. Ensure the bendy part facing downwards away from the bottle cap.
2. Screw the bottle cap onto the PET (plastic) bottle.

– Avoid keeping in bags as the bottle cap may leak.
– Bottle cap fits most 350 to 500ml PET (plastic) bottles.
– Cut straw into length before using in 350ml bottles.
– Fit the straw upside down (bendy part down) into the base of the bottle cap.
(Can use any commercially available flexible straw, 6mm in diameter, 21cm in length).

– Ensure bottle cap is tightly screwed onto the PET bottle top to reduce leakages.
– Ensure the bottle is held or stored upright as the bottle cap is not leak proof.
– Do not use with hot drinks as it may cause burns.
– Do not use with carbonated drinks.
– Do not use in dish washers or dish dryers.
– Applying pressure on the bottle may cause the liquid to spray out.
– For your child’s safety, always use under adult supervision.
– For disposal, follow local disposal guidelines.
– Retain the packaging for reference.


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