Wireless Rechargeable Atomizer Spray Gun

  • Produt weigth: 900g
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Power supply voltage: DC12V
  • Product size: 22 x 21cm
  • Water bottle capacity: 800ml
  • Battery Capacity:2600mAh
  • Type:Wireless (Rechargeable)
  • Photo is actual 

The  charging nano blue light atomizer needs to be fully charged before use, each charge takes two hours, can be used continouslly for three hours, before using the container, the bottle filled with diluted desinfectant and alcohol , then the screw of the gun screwded and adjusted  and the amount of spray needed and the space object  thats need to be sterliized and sprayed, filled with a container of liquid can be sprayed and add them another container of liqiud can be added, matters needing attention, this machine in the work to open the copper nozzle to adjust the size of fog to be careful, to prevent the copper nozzle samll copper neede washed away two small copper needles are sent to the gun for backup. Please take care of them